Justice is about holistic well-being

Domestic or sexual violence hurts a woman’s physical, social, emotional and psychological well-being. Recovery & justice for a survivor of violence is more than just legalities.

Why Zariya?

In India, 1 in 100 women who have faced sexual violence report it to the police (Amnesty International, Ready to Report). Under-reporting of crimes (like rape and domestic violence) due to fear and the slow and difficult justice process has created a gap between our demand for help and the supply of service providers. Women rarely ever speak to anyone about the sexual, physical, or psychological abuse they face. While many service providers operate in the space and many of us need their help, the connection between survivors and service providers is broken.

Zariya ensures that every victim of violence becomes a confident survivor with quick and safe access to help...because justice delayed is justice denied.

What we do

Zariya is a free service that addresses survivors’ legal and counseling needs. With our easy-to-use secure website as well as our hand-picked reputable partners, Zariya provides women access to such provisions.

With Zariya, a survivor can easily and relatively anonymously file a report and connect with an appropriate Advisor in a time-sensitive manner. In doing so, Zariya provides the resources needed to end abuse and overcome a traumatizing experience. The Advisor is not a medical practitioner but will be able to advise on medical help and act as an advocate for your medical needs. It also serves as the feedback loop between survivors and services that facilitates a safe and just ecosystem for all.

Our Vision

At Zariya, our mission is to provide easy, safe and universal access to justice and well-being. By making it easier for women to speak up and seek help, we plan to end violence against women.

The Zariya platform you see now is just the beginning. In the coming weeks and months, we will listen to your needs and incorporate your feedback to make the Zariya experience even better. To show you a glimpse of what is coming soon, here is a tentative list of features we hope to implement:

Case Management
As we build out Zariya to get you first-entry access to help, we have plans for a full-fledged case management system that will enable you to manage each and every aspect of your case at your fingertips, in the Zariya safe space. If you do not want to keep documents of evidence on your desktop or phone, you can use Zariya as your safe storage. It will be your primary medium to communicate with service providers and give you all the mobility you need as a survivor to transfer your case information from one service provider to another.

The Help Network
We hope to build a cohesive network of legal, economic and medical service providers around the mission to end violence against women. In such a system, providers rank each other and users rank providers to uphold high standards of accountability and care quality.

Do you have other ideas or needs? We’d love to hear them! Send us your feedback and help us shape Zariya according to your needs.

About the Pilot

Currently, Zariya operates only in Hyderabad. We have partnered with Operation PeaceMaker of the My Choices Foundation as our initial service provider and will expand soon to other providers in Hyderabad and eventually other cities in India. To understand why we picked My Choices as our pilot partner and to learn more about their inspiring work and high quality of service, check out the My Choices Impact Assessment Report.

In order to ensure a high quality of service delivered to you while we develop Zariya, we chose to partner with a limited set of hand-picked service providers. Our localised approach offers us insight into the quality of care we provide you via Zariya and helps us meet your needs.

In addition to My Choices, we partner with Chayn India - a useful online resource which offers self-advocacy tips and tools. Check out their website to learn more about how to build your own case and better understand your situation.

If you are part of an organization that would like to partner with Zariya, please contact us!

The Zariya Values


We understand the importance of your anonymity and maintain a standard to protect your identity from disclosure or misuse.

Easy Access

You no longer have to plan or wait in silence. Just submit your email address, and we'll do the rest. Zariya is available 24x7 at your fingertips.


Your hope is our hope - for you to live a fulfilled, happy and successful life with physical, social and emotional well-being.


We understand the sensitivity of your data and take every measure to protect it.

How you can help

Join us on our journey to provide universal access to justice and end violence against women!

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