Zariya = Access to

What We Do

We connect every woman in India who is facing violence with legal and counselling help for free.

Provide your email address and pincode here.
We find the best qualified expert for you within 2 business days.
We will connect you with her over the phone, but we try our best to find an expert situated near you so that you may meet her in person.
She will hear you, guide you, and support you as you take the admirable step to lead a happier and healthier life.

Why We Do It

We know firsthand how hard it is as a survivor of violence to speak up about your situation and find help when all doors have been closed on you.

Little Information

There is very little information available about legal and counselling help that exists in your area.

Takes Time

There is no way of knowing how good the help is; it takes a lot of time and phone calls to find the right person.

Daunting Process

It is daunting to seek help since you have to reveal who you are and where you come from.

How We Help You

We make sure you get the best quality help as soon as possible without revealing your identity.

Easy Access

By making it as easy as submitting your email address and pincode, we give you the peace of mind that you will be connected with the right person who can listen to you and offer professional advice.


If you are unhappy with the service you receive, we will find another high-quality expert and keep doing so until you are satisfied.


You don’t have to pay anything. This is because you are our #1 priority. We believe that every woman in India should have easy, safe and free access to help so that she can lead a happy, healthy and just life free of violence.

Our Values

Your Well-Being

Your hope is our hope - for you to live a fulfilled, happy and successful life with physical and emotional well-being.


We make sure you get help as soon as possible and we respond to every email at the earliest. You are kept up-to-date about every step of the process.


You no longer have to plan or wait in silence. Zariya is available 24x7 at your fingertips.

Your Security

We understand the sensitivity of the data you provide and take every measure to protect your identity from misuse or disclosure.


Currently, Zariya offers access to legal and counselling services. While the expert may be equipped to offer advice on how to approach a medical examination, note that we do not yet offer medical or emergency services.
With Zariya, you can seek help for any crime against women. This includes domestic violence, rape, acid violence, sexual harassment, molestation etc). You can also seek help for economic abuse, dowry violence, psychological abuse from in-laws, kidnapping, abduction, workplace violence, eve-teasing etc. If there is anything that is harming your emotional, intellectual, financial, physical or psychological well-being, click the "Get Help" button below and fill out the short form. Zariya will get you the help you need.